Motor Engine Oils

Gastronic Motor Engine Oil

Gastronic Motor Engine Oil

This is high quality motor oil intended for use in passenger cars that have normally aspirated engines or turbo-charged engines. It is fortified with additives that protect against wear and tear as well as oxidation. This oil also enhances engine life by reducing metal shearing during extreme conditions. It exceeds the car manufacturer’s engine oil performance criteria. Gastronic motor oil is specifically designed to provide extra protection against corrosion, oxidation, sludge and rust. The built-in viscosity improver protects in extreme weather conditions. A unique engine lubricant specifically formulated to meet high performance requirements of the latest model car and trucks. This product is specially designed for use in sports cars and luxury vehicles that require highly stable engine oil that will withstand the most extreme demanding performance criteria.


Yasaki Gastronic motor oils are recommended for all petrol and naturally aspirated diesel engines of passenger cars, light trucks, and light commercial equipment including farming applications. The various multigrades listed below range from 10w which is ideal for hydraulic systems to SAE 50 which can be used in gear boxes where extreme pressure oils may not be applicable.

Performance Level

API SF/CD, SJ/CF, SL/CF-4, MIL-L-4152D, 46152D, CCMC G2/D1 G5/PD2

Benefits & Advantages

  •  Lowers oil consumption
  •  Provides a cleaner & smoother running engine
  •  Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Increases engine life
  • Reduces wear & tear
  • Maintains optimum viscosity at different temperatures
  • Meets all car warranty requirements
  • Improved fuel economy & power output
  • Reduced emissions
  • Extended drain capability