YASAKI® LUBRICANTS has been setting the standards for continuous
innovation, research and development and consistency in delivering
world-class products in the lubricants industry. For over two decades,
YASAKI® LUBRICANT has been the leading total lubrications solution provider
creating dependable energy efficient products engineered to enhance
productivity across industries.
With a growth rate of 20% annually, YASAKI® LUBRICANTS is one of the fastest
growing lubricant brand in the UAE. Equipped with state-of-the-art
production facility, YASAKI® LUBRICANTS is one of the regions best seller
lubricant products with a comprehensive line of leading edge premium
lubricants ideal for use in a diverse range of industries. Exporting to over 10
countries in 4 continents, YASAKI® LUBRICANTS branded lubricants have
made a profound mark in the lubricants industry.
We realize that customer loyalty is our lifeline. Customer service is top
priority and that starts with our culture and every YASAKI® LUBRICANTS
product is backed by the first-class service and support you expect from an
industry leader and a dedicated team to provide information and assistance.
With a state of art warehousing and logistic infrastructure, we provide our
customers with timely and ready solutions helping our clients experience the
YASAKI® LUBRICANTS - leading the way in high performance lubricants!